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Rio Tinto LITUO2012 Spring Festival holiday arrangements

Type:Industry news         Data of Release:2012-5-31 11:58:59

Thanks to new and old customers to Rio Tinto LITUO support over the years, the 2012Spring Festival holiday notice as follows, if any inconvenience please forgive:

Jan 18- Jan 31on holiday on the official work

Holiday arrangement:

Holiday factory principle is not open ( customer visits reservation required )

Exhibition center opening time: January No. 20/ Jan 28number (more time customer visits reservation required )

Specific business arrangements:16 -30during the wrong field customer equipment and accessories ( logistics and express failed to work )

Need to visit the factory customer reservation:13602584065 Tong Sheng / Business Negotiation:13823298536 Chen Sheng

Service Consulting:13823228532 Zhou Gong13602695539 Wang Gong ( SMT )